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Here is a sample of the sound I can produce

Quality music for your use.

2015-03-03 20:39:05 by Abombination

Hello, my name is Abombination I've been writing all kinds of music and exploring my talent. I have made a few cinematic songs and video game songs for your use and enjoyment.

If you would like any type of custom music with any sort of theme (such as jungle, desert, industrial, etc) flick me a message and we can set up a meeting over skype if you would like.

Here is a demo if you would like to listen to what I have to offer.

Will do Soundtrack for Movie or game

2014-02-25 21:20:30 by Abombination

I have been doing lots of action and ambient CinematicĀ songs. If you would like me to do the soundtrack to your game or movie throw me a message. I would really love to do one.

Here is my first Cinematic song I have made.

Because I can't upload m4a's onto newgrounds

2013-08-27 01:27:28 by Abombination

Doughnut Shop

Have a listen and please tell me if you gusta!

This track was inspired by Deshiel

The Man (Remix)

2013-04-26 18:06:31 by Abombination

The Man Abombination Remix

This is a project that I'm working on. I think it sounds pretty cool.

The Power of 5ths

2013-03-17 01:24:23 by Abombination

The Power of 5

New-o Song-o

2013-02-28 07:01:08 by Abombination

True Weakness

Another imitation attempt.

After Long thought and hard work and many headaches...

2013-02-18 20:20:25 by Abombination

For the first time I have created something that satisfies me. Sometimes I think im asian because some of my music has a oriental feel to it.

What Im working on now is a fast paced, bouncy, and makes you want to dance.

New Picture!!!

2013-02-18 02:58:38 by Abombination

My friend is working on a new profile cover for me. Zafrece was going to get me with one of his friends and have him make if for a price. My friend said he would do it for free as long as he is credited. He is still deciding on a artist name for himself. I will let you know as soon as he has it ready. I am hoping we will have it done by tomorrow. Its really nice having him do it because I can sit there and tell him exactly what I want.

Rubberband man Rocks!

2013-02-09 17:11:31 by Abombination